Time to chalk…must wear black

I have found that my younger kids like to get messy so our latest adventure involved chalk pastels (and I made sure to wear black).  Most of the kids had never worked with them so after a discussion and demo they got to work.  I had moon templates prepared ahead of time and cut paper towels.

They laughed at me for cutting down paper towels to spread the chalk.  Why bother with that when you can use your fingers….all ten of them!  And THEN sponge paint the center!  And that was only week one.

Week two I hung a HUGE tree branch from a fallen down tree in my classroom.  Imagine the looks I got that week from the other teachers.  We practiced drawing the branch and then an owl silhouette.  I think the kids did really well with their designs!


I will say that I saw this project posted somewhere online but didn’t pin it.  If it happens to be your project please let me know so that I can give you credit!


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