Hello Mr. Calder

I was doing some reading about Alexander Calder and found him so inspiring that he had to be added to some projects this year.  This one specifically was for my third and fourth graders.  It came from the Dick Blick website (even the wire that I used).

I found these two videos really helped the children get excited about Mr. Calder.  The second clip is a little creepy with the music but they found it oddly interesting (I can’t blame them).

Before we started with the wire I had the kids so a quick drawing exercise. They sat across from one another with a sheet of paper and a marker.  They had to draw the person across from then without picking up their marker or looking down at their papers.  It was so fun and the children ended up with amazing abstract faces that would be really hard to reproduce if our analytical brain was watching!

The children did many drawings and I had them choose a favorite.  From that drawing they’d add the wire overtop, twisting at bends or intersections and using masking tape along the way.  At the end they remove the paper and hang their work.

The top left is a grandma, can you tell with the curly hair?  And the bottom right has pigtails.  I wish I could show you them all!





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