Taming the rainbow

Recently I finished a room makeover for my gal.  What I shouldn’t tell you is that I started planning it a year ago. I’d like to think that was because I’m detailed and thorough and wanted everything to be perfect.  But the reality was that I have three kiddos and it was summer break and well you know how that goes.

So twelve months later I was able to carve out some time and get to work.  Because I was so eager (sure…eager) I forgot to photograph the before shots. And I do have room photos taken years ago when it was a little kiddo space…but I can’t find them. I promise that I’m more together in my daily life.  But I do have this photo.


Taken before the whole transformation went down.  Goodbye aqua walls.  Goodbye cherry tree with five symbolic birds.  Goodbye other stuff that you can’t see in the photo.

And hello to a bigger girl space.  She wanted yellow. Well actually she wanted rainbow until I said pick one color and we will incorporate the rainbow.

This is what I can up with:


The wallpaper covered the cherry tree and we kept the curtains, bed and the chandelier.


She inherited a new dresser (from little brothers room who gets a makeover next) and a new “doll house” for the American Girls (AND THEIR STUFF).


She got lots of frames and a message board for organizing artwork, notes and other important nine year old things.  And of course she got a faux turquoise deer head (aka Rosana).


The room will never be this clean again so I took extra photos.  🙂

And finally we turned the wardrobe into a desk area because she WANTED a desk area and I wanted the wardrobe.  See how well I compromise?  Team player here!


So there you have it.  A room fit for a nine year old.

Up next, a safari nursery makeover for my little dragon trainer.  Wish me luck!

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