Modern Dragon Trainer

Once upon a time (about fourteen years ago) a new couple moved into a house ready to have their first child.  They wanted the perfect nursery with realistic animals and painted something like this.

Cute right?  There was the crib, the bamboo ceiling fan and it was perfect FOR A TODDLER!

Fast forward fourteen years and guess what, it’s still there!  I haven’t been able to paint over it and my tween son had to live with it until he moved into the teen room that I wrote about last year.

So my little guy moved into this room and while he loves animals, he was over this space.  He wanted dragons and more specifically he wanted “How to Train Your Dragon” bedding.

Character bedding.

Not my favorite thing to work with.  So I got to thinking and planning (around the same time I planned the other two rooms, A YEAR AGO) and started collecting items.  First up, the bedding.  Ugh.  And then this month I got to work.  I painted over all of the animal murals (after taking 10,000 photos) with a more modern blue. Selected an accent color to keep it fun and added in the fun stuff.


The toothless decal came from this shop.  The gentleman there was really great to work with and took time to write up installation instructions and everything.  So helpful.  And then the fan blades came from this shop.  I purchased a regular black and chrome fan from the store and switched out the blades.


This is the bedding that I had to work with.  Fortunately with the “treehouse bed” (that’s what we call it) it’s not on display as much as if it were a standard style bed. Down the road when he’s tired of this the decal will peel off and I can switch out the bedding/accessories.  Definitely less of a commitment than the safari murals (hello learning experience)!


To know me to to know that I can’t stand empty walls.  Over the summer I collected How to Train you Dragon artwork from various shops.


This little corner is a little busier than I’d like but he need a bulletin board to display his artwork. He also has lots of lego folks so the letterpress tray holds them nicely now (once HE fills it up).  He also inherited the bookshelf below that I technically should have painted white but I got lazy.  🙂


And then the little plush dragon are hanging on fishing line with alligator clips at the end.  Quite possible his favorite part of the room. He can unclip them whenever he’d like to play.

It’s quite a makeover but my dragon trainer is pleased.  And it’s a little more modern looking so his parents are pleased.


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