December goodness

Have you seen the latest issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine?  If not…you should!  Go now to download your copy!

You see a little something like this in there from me…



Wrap it up…paperless

Wrapping gifts is something that I actually enjoy.  But lately I’ve noticed that the paper options aren’t that great. So when I attended a baby shower this weekend I decided to get creative with the book part of my gift.  I could easily of wrapped the books in the same paper I used for the registry part of my gift (yawn), or thrown them in a bag with tissue (yawn) but I found something much cuter and…gasp…easier!


Let’s call this the onesie wrap shall we?  I bought a three pack and used one to decorate my larger registry gift (I forgot to photograph that one, oops).  I took the remaining two, snapped them together on the bottoms and tied the arms together.  This created a pocket for my books to slide into.  It’s easy AND practical right?