Color wheel, take 2

This is another project that I don’t have the source for.  Boo on me!  I tend to screen shot a lot when on my phone.

Last year my first grade class was obsessed with sharks.  Obsessed.  I kept telling them that we’d do a water themed piece but time got away from us.  So this year, my first graders became my second graders and we started the year off with an underwater piece, with a twist.

Like my fifth and sixth graders, we studied the color wheel.  They got a sheet of paper and sectioned it into 6 blocks.  I gave them the primary colors and they painted one square each color.  Next they mixed primary to create secondary colors and painted the three remaining squares.  When dry, they drew their fish on each color and cut them out.  They were given the freedom to draw their shark or whatever menacing underwater critter they’d like.  During assembly they had to arrange the fish in color wheel order.

Here are four of the completed pieces.



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